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Clinics in Ipswich

Entering into Therapy  does require a commitment, but that commitment is largely to yourself.

If you go to a regular exercise class, football training, or engage in a creative hobby you most probably look forward to it.
You might even push yourself beyond what is comfortable in order to achieve your preferred level of physical fitness, or to create something from scratch for yourself of someone you love.

Committing to therapy is similar. You’re on a journey to you.  You might look forward to  it, but if the going gets tough, be prepared to go beyond what might be comfortable.

So, if you feel like you’re at a crossroads in life; not sure where to turn, who to speak to, maybe feeling overwhelmed – or even managing a loss (whether of a loved-one or a job, or managing chapter of change in your life), the Biodynamic methods could help.

If you’re sick of being unwell; a chronic condition which is not getting better, then a course of therapy could help.

If you’re taking medication for depression or anxiety and don’t feel like you’re getting any better, a course of therapy could help put the joy back in your life.