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“So what you do is treat all of me, rather than just an arm or a leg”


This is what James (not his real name) said, after experiencing a Biodynamic Treatment.  He dropped by for a half an hour session at a Health Fair I attended recently.  James had paraphrased Aristotle’s famous quote in a heartbeat without realising it.  It happened naturally, because that’s what he felt.

James is in his early forties; a tall handsome man with twinkling blue eyes.  When I asked him how he was, he said he was getting his life back together.  A difficult divorce had left him ‘shattered’ and now three years later, whilst still healing from the various effects of the divorce he knew he needed something to help him ‘get back to normal’ as he put it.

So I worked with James and what he described as his ‘shattered’ self.  He didn’t say much, and I didn’t ask too many questions either.  It’s different working with someone who drops by for a treatment at a Health fair – when the room is busy.  And yet there’s no difference.  The focus is always on You.  Yesterday it was about James (and others who were ‘treated’), but James stuck in my mind as he was the first person I saw.

A Therapeutic Relationship

The rest of the room disappears when the relationship commences.  Therapeutic relationships, whether they last five or fifty minutes – five months or five years are just that:  an opportunity for a person to heal.

So James lay on the treatment table on is left hand side.  I placed the Stethescope on his belly (the most important piece of equipment for a Biodynamic Therapist) and worked.  I noticed his breathing, especially where he was able to have some breath-releases, and observed his ease into relaxation.  I followed his ‘sounds’ (peristalsis from the stethoscope) and just got on.

I worked for thirty minutes, left James to rest and told him I’d be back in a couple of minutes. When I asked him how he was, he smiled and said:   “So what you do is treat all of me – rather than just an arm or a leg”.

It’s All About You

But it’s not really about me is it? Or me doing something to James?

It’s about facilitating James’ experience of himself.  Having the time, the space, the freedom, the non-interruption on an essential level, can provide a person with insight, knowledge, realisations, a sense of freedom.

In James’ case the work enabled him to derive a sense of ‘all of me’ or wholeness from a place of feeling ‘shattered’.