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Some favourite books and films which have ignited curiosity, solved problems, provoked anger, disbelief, provided salvation, answered questions, make me laugh.

I grew up in a Catholic household.  Well my Mother was a Catholic (RIP), but my Dad, now in his eighty second year on the planet didn’t particularly like Catholics.  In fact, he subscribes to no religion or church at all.

From about the age of fourteen, I used to attend Church on Sundays.  Attendance meant sitting outside on a windowsill until Mass was over and then head back home as the congregation poured out of the Church. This windowsill Mass, also facilitated experimentation with cigarettes and learning how to inhale. My Dad guessed it (the non-Mass attendance, not the smoking) but didn’t say anything to upset my Mother.  He also told me something then that has stayed with me all these years and which I have passed on to others.

“Sweetheart” he said.  “For me, life is my religion and sin in my conscience. I know when I have done something wrong. I feel it when I have hurt or offended someone.  I don’t need a priest to tell me that”.

He went on to explain that his ‘confession’ would be to address the matter directly with the person or persons involved, apologise and do what he practically could to make amends. Simples!  The best Religious Knowledge lesson I ever had.

Anyway, our house was filled with books. Book shelves in most rooms and he fixed an extra shelf over each bedroom door to create more ‘book’ room.  He was a man of little formal education, but everything he learned, he learned from books.  He devoured them, and instilled a love of books and reading in his children.  He was the eldest of three brothers.  His Father died when his Mother was three months pregnant with the youngest boy. So, Phil became the man of the house when he was 7 years old; and left school at 14 years old to serve a seven year apprenticeship as a French Polisher.  they lived in relative poverty and he needed to pay his way and support the family. Anyway the rest of that story another time.

The point is. At fourteen years of age, I knew there was more to Religion than we were taught at school (Convent school = Nuns).  I had a sense that something broader existed; something less judgemental; something that united rather than divided us, something that was more joyful and happy than the fire and brimstone we were fed at school.  So I sought different kinds of books that might explain what this ‘sense’ was.  Here are a few to start with, and I will add to the list as and when.

Some of these books are 20 years old and more, but the words are timeless. We may have moved on with our scientific research and discoveries (and I have subsequently immersed myself in scientific Research Methods for a broader perspective), but these books are my friends.  I hope you enjoy some of them, or let me know what books have been good friends to you.


Mister God This is Anna, by Fynn

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln

No Boundary, Ken Wilber

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach

Illusions, Richard Back

The Bridge Across Forever, Richard Bach

A Gift of Wings, Richard Bach

There’s No Such Place as Far Away, Richard Bach

Character Analysis, Wilhelm Reich

The Function of the Orgasm, Wilhelm Reich

The Man in The Trap (Elsworth F. Baker)

The Anatomy of the Spirit, Caroline Myss

Why People Don’t Heal and How they Can, Caroline Myss

Sacred Contracts, Caroline Myss

Thirsting for Wholeness, Tom Brady

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra

Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra

Awareness is Freedom, Itai Ivtzan